Linux-The first word that comes to the mind of any normal human being is an Operating System which is not at all User Friendly, you need to have a real in depth knowledge of Computers to use Linux. Well all this was true earlier but not now! Linux is has developed a lot and is very userfriendly as well! Linux has many Variants like Windows XP has in the form of Home and Professional Editions, these variants of Linux are known as Distro and we are going to talk about the most popular linux distro “Ubuntu”

Many people very well know that they are not using Orignal Windows XP but they cant really do anything since the price of Orignal Windows XP is 5000Rs which everyone cannot afford. Ubuntu unlike Microsoft XP, is Opensource that is its free and the source code of Ubuntu is available which means you can just make unlimited changes to Ubuntu.Many of us are not exactly familiar with installing Windows so everytime we face any kind of problem we call some Computer Mechanic who installs Windows and charges us 250 bucks for it Well You can install Ubuntu just like you install any program in Windows! The steps are exactly the same when you install any application from a CD. Pop-in the CD of Ubuntu in the Drive a new dialog box will open which will ask you where you want to install Ubuntu and will ask you how much space would like to allocate to Ubuntu and some other stuffs! After thats Next,Next and Restart and after 5 mins you are staring at your Ubuntu Desktop!

Also the minimum space required to install Ubuntu is 8Gb which is comparitively lower than Vista's 12Gb. Also Ubuntu will automatically import your Pictures,Music,Movies and all your settings from Windows installation. Also Unlike Windows Vista and XP, Ubuntu does not require a Mid or a High End PC to run at its full glory, a PC with 384Mb RAM and a processor running at or more than 700 MHz x86 processor is capable of running Ubuntu at its full glory. You can even use Ubuntu before even installing it(Yes You have read it right), all you have to do is pop-in your Ubuntu CD and Restart your Comp and Ubuntu will start and soon you will be running a whole operating system without even installing it!

Also Unlike in Windows where you need to install Thousands of Driver after installing it, you dont need to install any driver in Ubuntu and if you have any graphics card then Ubuntu will automatically download its driver for you! Short and Simple! You people must be familiar with Add/Remove in Windows XP, even though its name is Add/Remove you can only Remove programs through it! Ubuntu also has a Add/Remove Feature builtin and true to its name you can install and remove application from here. Infact Add/Remove indexes all the software available for Ubuntu in this whole universe!!! Also After you install Windows, you have to download Some Messenger Client, some email client and your favourite browser Firefox, with Ubuntu you dont need to! Ubuntu comes pre-installed with Pidgin which is a Mullti Protocool Messenger client that is you can simultaneously stay online in Yahoo,Google talk,AIM and what not. Ubuntu also uses Firefox as its default browser so no need to download firefox and even OpenOffice an alternative to Office is pre-installed. Also unlike Windows you dont need to install Firewall or AntiVirus in Ubuntu since Ubuntu offers a robust security of features builtin and yes evenfiles which are already infected with virus cant affect Ubuntu! Even CD and DVD burning Application is pre-installed!Ubuntu has Several Desktops [ which you can configure later on ]

The Best Thing For Linux/Ubuntu is Compiz Fusion! Most of you must have seen Vista and must have liked the eye candy(a common word used for something which is visually appealing) present in it but all the eye candy proved quite heavy on the system and you needed atleast 1Gb of RAM to run Vista smoothly! Ubuntu can provide all the eye candy Windows Vista can provide and many more as well! Here is a video showing the different effects present in Compiz Fusion

Check the Video’s of Compiz Fusion in Youtube. As you can see Ubuntu can provide better eye candy effects than Vista can provide and all these at any low-mid end computer having 384Mb RAM or 512Mb RAM.


Ubuntu does have some problem though! It may happen that Ubuntu may not work on your brand new Computer and there is nothing you can do about it except wait for 6 months! Yes a new version of Ubuntu comes out every 6 months. Also Ubuntu has weak driver support for Wi-Fi adapters and USB devices. Also another drawback is that if you use Ubuntu you need to have a Internet Connection else you will be devoid of its Add/Remove Feature. Also the latest version of Ubuntu has been having installation problems but it will be rectified soon with another update after 6months.

Still I think the Plus point of Ubuntu outweigh the negative one and everyone should shift to Ubuntu and help kill piracy!