Well it’s a good thing to know about file & folder system in Linux. Like in windows, Program Files are stored is “Program Files” and System components in “windows” folder , same way it is assigned in Linux too .

So here it starts

“/” :- this is root of all the file system. All things [ including hardware ] comes under it.

“/boot” :- As the name indicates it contains boot [ grub ] files.

“/dev” :- Contains device files [ as I said in earlier post that hardware are in file form ]

“/home” :- This is home directory for general users . this contains their Desktop directory [ under “/home/username/Desktop” ] or Document folders and their configuration files.

“/bin” :- Essential Binaries are stored in this. It contains executables of general Root as well as General users .

“/lib” Essential shared libraries and Kernel Modules

“/sbin” :- This contains system binaries which is being used by root users.

“/media” :- All removable medias are mounted under this folder .

“/etc” :- It contains all the configuration files used by OS or by programs .

“/mnt”:- Temporary file systems mounted, etc floppy, CDrom, DvdRoms.

“/tmp” :- Temporary Directory.

“/var” :- Contain data files which are variable or continuous changing .

“/usr” :- Contains information used by system

“/root” :- Home directory of root user

“/proc” :- Contains system information stored in memory mirrored as files.