There are many reasons behind why you should use Linux, so here the list goes on why you should insist on using Linux:-

1 ) Linux consider everything as file: - As it is based on UNIX hence it considers everything as file, even hardware devices too. So UNIX security model is based around the security of file. By treating everything as file [ including hardware ] it become more secure
2 ) Security :- If everything Including hardware devices are considered as file you can secure hardware in same way as you secure access to the documents 😀 .

3 ) Support Most of the Hardware: - It supports as much driver it can support. No need of driver CD after installation overall needed like in windows.
4 ) Ability To chain the Programs: - it is also known as Piping in Linux. Output of a program can be input for other program. This gives user a flexibility to combine many small programs to combine or pipe together for getting desired output.
5 ) Reliability:- When it comes to reliability the Linux is most reliable operating system then windows. It can run longer time then windows. That’s the main reason why the servers in world are mostly based on Linux 😀 .
6 ) Stability:- When an application crashes , it is very less chance that it will make your operating system unstable [ unlike windows that it hangs or something like that ]
7 ) Cost Effective: - Most of the applications available on Linux are of free in nature. so it reduces the cost or even if you are not satisfied with the freebies you can ordered the professional packages.
8 ) No need of Defragmenting HDD: - As Linux use different file system it doesn’t require Defragment like windows.

Still on Linux Windows??

Cannot shift to Linux because of software??

You can use different windows emulator packages that are available for Linux like wine. This can run various applications like MS Office, Tally, Adobe Products and yes; also some games also.

Last but not the least why you should shift or use Linux because Why to pay more money to buying operating system when it is available for free or at less charge [ if you ordered a Media ] and be in fear of piracy or viruses .