Well this is being great pleasure to announce that Tech-Nologic Network[Now it is AbhashTech] Launched its new blog “Linux For All”. This blog is dedicated to all info on Linux.

Linux is a UNIX like Operating system available under GNU Project. More detail on its History and Other things can be found at Wikipedia.

Main aim of this blog is to provide information on Linux to newbie’s as well as to techies. The main source of inspiration for me is Mr. Sathyajith Bhat . This website is being inaugurated by him on Sunday, 04th of May 2008.

I’d also like to thank Mr. Rajesh Pandey for suggesting me the Title for our Blog i.e “Linux For All”. We would like to thanks again to Mr Sathyajith for Giving us cool Description as “Making Linux Usable For All From Newbies To Techies ”.

Special thanks to Vinay Raikar for designing awesome logo for Linux for All.

Finally last but not least you will find this blog really useful and resourceful .

Hoping for all your kindness and mails.

Kunal Gautam
Site Admin
Tech-Nologic Networks