17 05, 2008

Why You Should Use Ubuntu 8.04

By |2018-04-09T06:43:58+05:30May 17th, 2008|Editorial, Featured Post, Information|

Linux-The first word that comes to the mind of any normal human being is an Operating System which is not at all User Friendly, you need to have a real in depth knowledge of Computers to use Linux. Well all this was true earlier but not now! Linux is has developed a lot and is very userfriendly as well! This post will tell about the Famous Linux Distro Ubuntu !!

5 05, 2008

File System in Linux

By |2018-04-09T06:50:36+05:30May 5th, 2008|Information, Tutorials|

This post will tell you about the file & folder system in Linux. Like in windows, Program Files are stored is “Program Files” and System components in “windows” folder , same way it is assigned in Linux too .

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